Friday 18 March, 2022 – Afraid of color
Weibach2 – Impact of people and objects
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Friday 18 March, 2022 – Afraid of color

I dared to paint again. I have my problems with color. I have respect for color and its use. But the best way to overcome fears is to deal with the topic. And that’s why I painted a bit today and yesterday.

I think you can express a lot with color. You can highlight a lot with it and you can screw up a lot with it. I think color, well that’s my opinion now, should be used with respect.

The picture I just painted is an interesting learning object. I started with a lot of curved lines, which I really like. I like the organic, but I also like the contrast and that’s why I included straight lines as well. I don’t know exactly how to process this. At the moment I think straight lines are emotionless and curved lines or organic lines are more emotional.

My attempts at painting could perhaps also have a positive effect on my sculptures, which I also paint on. But also vice versa, I think that painting and the knowledge gained from it have a positive impact on my sculptures.