Friday March 11, 2022 – Meganismic Color Shells
Weibach2 – Impact of people and objects
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Friday March 11, 2022 – Meganismic Color Shells

Today I only did little things. Because first of all I had to work, of course, and then I visited a friend this afternoon and by then the day was almost over. Nevertheless I continued to tinker a bit on Lori. And then I had to finish a small sculpture. A cast stone sculpture. I had already cast the sculpture and now only had to paint it. It will be sent to the USA on Monday.

And then I dealt with my titles and texts again. And now I have at least found an overall name for the current work, so to speak for the series. The name is “Meganismic Color Shells”. Because the works are organic sculptures, but they always have a mechanical part, something that seems to have been made by human hands. It’s about the combination of mechanism and organism. And in this series I’m mainly concerned with the colors and the color combination.