Monday March 7, 2022 – Sticky mass, Lori and lots of bills
Weibach2 – Impact of people and objects
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Monday March 7, 2022 – Sticky mass, Lori and lots of bills

Today I went shopping and after shopping I always sit down in the café at Denns for half an hour. I always find it very inspiring to sit there and watch the people. That’s where I always get the best ideas. For example, censorship accumulates somewhere like a sticky mass and then blocks the processes. I like the idea.

Otherwise, I mostly did small stuff. I tinkered a bit more with Lori and painted some parts with acrylic paint. Then I continued to work on the control electronics for Last Wood. I still have a lot of wiring to do and that always slows me down.

In the evening I dealt with my bills. That’s always quite annoying, but it has to be done and there are worse things. But then you can see that there is quite a lot of money going into my art. Making art is not cheap. I have to pay quite a bit in advance, but hopefully it will pay off at some point.