Concrete Sculpture 2
Abstract sculpture by Weibach2. Made of concrete. Colored with water glass.
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Concrete Sculpture 2

Height: 168 cm / 41 cm
Width: 45 cm / 42 cm
Depth: 28 cm / 26 cm
Weight: roughly 60 kg

Material: Glass fiber concrete, Styrofoam, rebar, adhesive mortar, pigments, acid stain, water glass (sodium silicate)


For the construction of this sculpture, a support body made of Styrofoam was made first. The Styrofoam body was then reinforced with a light rebar structure. Support body and rebar structure were then covered with a layer of glass fiber concrete about 1 cm thick. Subsequently, the glass fiber concrete was sanded. To achieve the final surface structure of the sculpture, a special adhesive mortar was applied and sculpted with spatula, brush and cling film. Subsequently different layers of colored water glass (sodium silicate) were applied. In between, the concrete sculpture was sanded again. Finally, the sculpture was treated with acid stain here and there.

These objects are unique.
Dimensions and weight are approximate.




Silence 2019