Saturday March 5, 2022 – Another pedestal and a fish named Lori
Weibach2 – Impact of people and objects
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Saturday March 5, 2022 – Another pedestal and a fish named Lori

Today I finished another gallery pedestal . The appearance of the pedestals is getting better and better. I still sand down the pedestals first, but then I also fill in any cracks. Then sand again and then paint twice. Finished.

Later I got involved with Lori. Lori is an oil removal fish or type of fish. Lori is relatively dark because he comes into contact with oil, but has a very organic overall appearance (with technical enhancements to the body).

Lori is also equipped with lighting because originally the main body was supposed to be a lamp. But, as is so often the case, I have made a change of course.
A high power LED is installed in the front part and I have embedded an LED strip in the rear part. The whole thing is controlled by an ESP32 micro-controller. And that’s exactly what I’ve been dealing with today. I have connected the micro-controller and the LEDs and the power supply. Then I installed the whole thing, tested it and glued and covered it with Pattex (my current favorite putty). Now the whole thing has to dry.

Originally I wanted to put Lori on a small pedestal, but I noticed that when he’s lying down, he looks completely different. Lying down, Lori comes across a bit like a seal, a helpless animal or a little baby. A baby who has to do heavy, dirty and hazardous work on our behalf, on behalf of the people.