Sunday March 13, 2022 – Mysterious opening
Weibach2 – Impact of people and objects
art, artwork, Oliver Neumann, Kunst, mixed media, light, ai, interactive, unique, generative, contemporary, abstract, sculpture, objects, impact, people
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Sunday March 13, 2022 – Mysterious opening

Today I did a few little things in between. I continued to work on Lori, then I continued on a sculpture I had started and I also started a new wire sculpture.

But what was interesting today, I was busy with the wire sculpture with the embedded air vent. And although the sculpture is actually not finished yet, the object is very exciting for me. You can open and close the ventilation nozzle and you can determine the direction of the air flow. And if you now open this ventilation, you look through the sculpture, so to speak. It’s actually nothing spectacular, but I find it totally fascinating. I don’t know why, but when you look through it, what’s behind seems different. It now has a different frame of reference. The whole thing has something, well, maybe mysterious. I’ll definitely look into this further, so maybe it’ll be an extra project.