The Rise – Concrete Sculpture / Beton Plastik
Weibach2 – Impact of people and objects
art, artwork, Oliver Neumann, Kunst, mixed media, light, ai, interactive, unique, generative, contemporary, abstract, sculpture, objects, impact, people
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The Rise - Weibach2 - Concrete sculpture

The Rise – Concrete Sculpture / Beton Plastik

120 cm, ca. 60 kg.
Glasfaserbeton, Feinschichtmörtel, Pigmente.
Fehler: Zu tief im Sockel, Trägerkörper zu groß (Proportionen stimmen nicht).
Im Frühjahr kommt sie ins Freie.

120 cm, about 60 kg.
Glass fiber concrete, fine-layer mortar, pigments.
Mistakes: too low in the pedestal, carrier too big (wrong proportions).
In spring it goes outside.