Thursday March 10, 2022 – What do my works mean?
Weibach2 – Impact of people and objects
art, artwork, Oliver Neumann, Kunst, mixed media, light, ai, interactive, unique, generative, contemporary, abstract, sculpture, objects, impact, people
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Thursday March 10, 2022 – What do my works mean?

I’ve been struggling with the tiresome topic of texts and titles all day. I sit in front of the images of my current sculpture and think about how I can name the object. The problem for me is that I have such a big imagination that I can do it on every imaginable level. I see so many possibilities in my sculptures that I just don’t know which to choose. And since I also want to sell my work, I ask myself what is right and what is wrong. That means I censor myself or I categorize myself and that sucks. To be honest, this topic is starting to piss me off. And this afternoon was one of those days where I would like to throw everything in the corner.
I’m just missing the overall concept. I haven’t really found my common thread yet, my frame. And that just makes it really difficult to position the objects that I build.
Most of the objects I build just happen that way. Sometimes I start with a special idea, but after a short time something completely different usually develops from it. Things just happen that way and I don’t have a very conscious influence on it. I think that’s good too, but afterwards you sit there and ask yourself why did I build it this way? At the moment I have the impression that I don’t understand myself at all.