Tuesday March 8, 2022 – More electronics, writing a statement
Weibach2 – Impact of people and objects
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Tuesday March 8, 2022 – More electronics, writing a statement

I have finished wiring the Last Wood electronics. Then I installed the whole thing. In this case, the electronics are located in the pedestal under the actual sculpture. After installation I tested everything and then the big surprise, everything worked right away.

Then I got busy with another current work. A sculpture that is actually finished, but that doesn’t yet have a name and I haven’t written a statement about it yet. And the subject of a statement or text for a sculpture in particular causes me great problems. This is probably the case for many artists. Why did I do it like this? What am I trying to say? Etc.
I thought about it for a long time and did some research on Google. I wanted to see how other artists deal with it. And then I had an idea. In the future, I will no longer regard the texts for a work as a description of the work, but as an addition. Because if I see the whole thing as an addition, then my motivation is much higher to write about it. I can expand the sculpture, so to speak, give it another level. And I find that very interesting. Because now it’s not such torture anymore. Now I have the opportunity to give the whole thing more depth and I find that interesting and much more motivating.