Wednesday March 16, 2022 – Upcoming exhibition, writing a statement
Weibach2 – Impact of people and objects
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Wednesday March 16, 2022 – Upcoming exhibition, writing a statement

Today shopping was the main thing on the agenda. I first had to get some wood for the next gallery pedestal.

Then I communicated with the gallery Kunstwerk where I will be exhibiting. The exhibition theme “Save Us” was originally intended to relate primarily to the topic of environmental issues. But given the situation in Ukraine and the war raging there, the topic is now being kept more general. So that the topic of the Ukraine war can be included. I think it’s a very good decision, as refugees will probably also be present. And some Ukrainian artists want to exhibit as well.

I’ve got a started object here . I might like to contribute this to the topic of the Ukraine war. I just roughly put it all together. In principle, an organic, colorful object will develop from monochrome, dark fragments. Because in my opinion, everything negative always has something positive, viewed in the long term. Positive things that bring us as humans to a new level.

In the evening I worked on the statement for Subordinate Above , one of my new sculptures. Next time I’ve finished a sculpture, I’ll definitely write the statement first. And the statement will probably result in the name. Because now that I’m writing the text to Subordinate Above, I realize that the title is actually not 100% correct.
Otherwise, it is again a huge torture to write the statement, but yes I will continue to philosophize about the object and will see what comes out of it.