Wednesday March 23, 2022 – Still the statements
Weibach2 – Impact of people and objects
art, artwork, Oliver Neumann, Kunst, mixed media, light, ai, interactive, unique, generative, contemporary, abstract, sculpture, objects, impact, people
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Wednesday March 23, 2022 – Still the statements

The technical inner workings of Last Wood are complete. All components work, the interaction and communication with each other also runs perfectly. Now it’s just a matter of bringing the whole thing to life, I would say. Coordinate the movements, add sounds, feed the built-in display with appropriate content.

Lori is screwed. Originally, Lori was endowed with light. So an LED bar and a high-power LED controlled by a micro-controller. But since I probably worked a bit carelessly, I somehow killed the micro-controller while programming or the LED drew too much juice and that probably caused damage. That means Lori won’t glow, but it’s still an interesting exhibition piece nonetheless.

And then I’m currently busy with my texts every evening. I did some more research on the subject of writing statements and documenting my own work in general. And obviously it’s a good way to make yourself stand out if you work in that direction. That means I’ll be more concerned with writing lyrics for my work. And I have to admit that I’m starting to enjoy it a little bit. I still have to get used to it, but I think it could go quite well. The thing is that when I write texts about my objects, I now divide it into different levels. The first level is the visual level and what you associate with the object. The second level is then more about the story behind it. This means that if the object tells me a story or I can think of a story about it, then I write it down. Although sometimes I still fight with myself. Because quite often it’s the case that I just think of things that are so crazy and out of this world that I don’t know if that’s a good thing. But I don’t want to censor myself either. So for now I’ll write everything down and put it online and see how people deal with it.