Schwerlichtkrümmer – Torina van 0D0
Weibach2 – User / Artist
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Schwerlichtkrümmer – Torina van 0D0

Schwerlichtkrümmer - Drawing- Weibach2

These are fragments of data from recovered files prior to 2387.





After a worldwide data FUBAR (fucked up beyond all recognition) in 2387, triggered by an EMP incident (electromagnetic puls) on earth, 99.2% of the electronic data collected worldwide until then are no longer available or can only be reconstructed with great effort.

Schwerlichtkrümmer - Weibach2

Apparatus Description


The Schwerlichtkrümmer is a heavy light curvature refractor from the heavy light torque decelerator family. Colloquially it is referred to by humans as Schwerlichtkrümmer. The exact purpose is not yet known. However, initial indications point to a medical background. The Schwerlichtkrümmer and the light generated with it could have been used to heal depressed people (the proportion of depressed people on earth was 63% in the 2200s).


The Schwerlichtkrümmer “Torina van 0D0” is a one-off handcraft. Torina van 0D0 designed and built it probably in the years after 2244, the so-called “dark decade”.
At that time, an experiment to artificially darken the earth’s atmosphere got out of control and darkened various atmospheric layers for decades. Such darkening had to be carried out again and again in order to reduce the warming of the earth, locally and at least temporarily (more info).

Schwerlichtkrümmer getting programmed - Weibach2
Torina van 0D0 - Weibach2

Torina van 0D0


Torina van 0D0 was a residual light dealer on earth. With special, self-developed devices, she sensed certain residual light and prepared it for various purposes.


Her curriculum vitae has not yet been reconstructed (priority level 5). Individual data fragments allow the assumption that Torina van 0D0 was not a human, but a bio-artificial reflection.

Use your mouse to rotate the Schwerlichtkrümmer by 360 degree

Schwerlichtkrümmer – Manual

Schwerlichtkrümmer Initikarn - Weibach2

The Initikarn


The Schwerlichtkrümmer can only be started with the Initikarn. Hold the turquoise side of the Initikarn in front of the Rezeptoit (turquoise zone) until you hear Torina van 0D0 singing. It may take up to 12 seconds to hear Torina van 0D0. Depending on the room temperature, several start attempts may be necessary.

Now pull the Initikarn away from the Rezeptoit. The Schwerlichtkrümmer will now boot. After completing the boot sequence (approx. 20 seconds), Ms. Colgate Cel will welcome you.

Wheel And Rezeptoit


Depending on the Menu Lever position, you can use the Wheel to adjust various Schwerlicht parameters.


The Rezeptoit (turquoise-colored square) serves together with the Initikarn to start the Schwerlichtkruemmer.

Wheel and Rezeptoit - Schwerlichtkrümmer - Weibach2
Menu lever of the Schwerlichtkrümmer - Weibach2

Menu Lever


The Menu Lever is used to select different menu items. Depending on the Menu Lever position, the following Schwerlicht values are ready for adjustment:


1. Sound
2. Speed
3. Color
4. Scaling
5. Direction
6. Brightness


The selected menu item is announced by Ms. Colgate Gel. The respective parameter can then be set with the Wheel.

By the way: the Schwerlichtkrümmer was not found until 2460.