Abstract Mixed Media Art by Artist Weibach2
abstract, mixed, media, art, kunst, abstrakt
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Weibach2 – User

… to imagination, mind and a different view.

Please leave the world as you would like to find it!

Bitte hinterlassen Sie die Welt so, wie Sie sie selbst vorfinden möchten!

Grenzenloses Wachstum / Unlimited Growth


Grenzenloses Wachstum / Unlimited Growth - Painting by artist Weibach2

Unlimited growth, a dogma that is firmly rooted in our minds. The supposed guarantor of prosperity and the sure path to barbarism. Meaningless products, which have only a symbolic character and serve the purpose of prestige and demarcation, are produced exponentially. Not sustainable in the long term in a limited system. But exponential growth can actually be found in nature. Bacteria and tumors grow exponentially due to degenerative or pathological processes. They eventually come to a standstill due to the destruction of their own basis of life and thus fail due to their own dynamics. Limitless growth opens its mouth wider and wider and pushes us further and further to the edge of our existence.

Konsum - Interactive object by user / artist Weibach2

Since October 2022, I have been dealing with the flip side of our prosperity, the collective shadow of people. As a result of this intensive examination, at some point I saw the earth as nothing more than an eroded, colorless lump from which bones emerge, some of which are already exposed and whose heart, strapped in plastic, can barely work. But it is not the earth that I see, but the human being.


The object “Konsum” is our actual state of being.



Oh! - Art object by artist / user Weibach2


Work in progress.

CO2 - Version 1

The installation “CO2” is my first attempt to give carbon dioxide a character, to make it visible and audible.



If we want our lost colors back and actually love our children, then we have to finally realize that we can’t go on like this. We have to change the system completely, put our spirit and community back in the foreground and respect our environment, because nature is the basis of life for us and future generations.


Please leave the world as you would like to find it yourself!

Wenn wir unsere verlorenen Farben wieder haben wollen und unsere Kinder tatsächlich lieben, dann müssen wir uns endlich klarmachen, dass wir so nicht weitermachen können. Wir müssen das System komplett wechseln, unseren Geist und die Gemeinschaft wieder in den Vordergrund rücken und unsere Umwelt achten, denn die Natur ist Lebensgrundlage für uns und nachfolgende Generationen.


Bitte hinterlassen Sie die Welt so, wie Sie sie selbst vorfinden möchten!

Selected work