Weibach2 – Impact of people and objects
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Wednesday March 16, 2022 – Upcoming exhibition, writing a statement

Today shopping was the main thing on the agenda. I first had to get some wood for the next gallery pedestal.

Then I communicated with the gallery Kunstwerk where I will be exhibiting. The exhibition theme “Save Us” was originally intended to relate primarily to the topic of environmental issues. But given the situation in Ukraine and the war raging there, the topic is now being kept more general. So that the topic of the Ukraine war can be included. I think it’s a very good decision, as refugees will probably also be present. And some Ukrainian artists want to exhibit as well.

I’ve got a started object here . I might like to contribute this to the topic of the Ukraine war. I just roughly put it all together. In principle, an organic, colorful object will develop from monochrome, dark fragments. Because in my opinion, everything negative always has something positive, viewed in the long term. Positive things that bring us as humans to a new level.

In the evening I worked on the statement for Subordinate Above , one of my new sculptures. Next time I’ve finished a sculpture, I’ll definitely write the statement first. And the statement will probably result in the name. Because now that I’m writing the text to Subordinate Above, I realize that the title is actually not 100% correct.
Otherwise, it is again a huge torture to write the statement, but yes I will continue to philosophize about the object and will see what comes out of it.

Tuesday March 15, 2022 – Holes and cavities

Routine was the order of the day today. I worked again on the communication between the display and the microcontroller for Last Wood. I’ve made good progress there too. The Nextion displays and the Nextion Editor open up really great possibilities. Nevertheless, I have to step on the gas a bit, because ultimately everything has to run flawlessly by the time of the exhibition on April 22nd.

Today’s topic was holes. I find holes or openings somehow fascinating. And almost all of my objects have an opening of some kind.
From time to time I have the urge to try my hand at painting. But I don’t really dare to do it because it’s not really my thing. Nevertheless, I sat down and drew a bit on the tablet. And since holes are central to me, I just started with a hole in the middle. And then I designed the rest around it. And that’s very interesting, because I have the impression that towards the hole everything is compressed and everything becomes more and more uniform. At this point I don’t know if this is somehow comparable. But it’s interesting. I will definitely continue to investigate the topic.

Friday March 4, 2022 – War, wood working and gaming symbols on a sculpture

Work was boring as always. During the breakfast break, the work colleagues were upset that the gas prices were so high. We’re fucking up earth, innocent people are dying in the Ukraine and they’re upset about the gas prices.

In the afternoon I continued to work on Last Wood, which is the provisional working title. I tinkered with the electronics. I had to make a few changes and today I soldered the two micro-controllers, i.e. the ESP32 and the Arduino Nano, together onto a circuit board and already made the first connection. I’ll do the rest next week. But the project is going according to plan and I think I’ll have it all ready in time.

After my 4pm tea break, I’ve been working on one of the plinths for the upcoming exhibition. I sanded it down again. I’ll paint it tomorrow, then it can go to storage on Sunday and I’ll start on the next plinth on Tuesday. All work that has to be done, apart from art.

In the evening I continued to work on my current sculpture, which I still don’t have a name for. I put gaming symbols in one place. But it didn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to. But it’s okay. It’s not perfect, but things aren’t supposed to be perfect either. I think that’s still quite interesting because you can’t really see what it is or what the symbols are, but it kind of hints at it and that makes the side of the sculpture interesting. And finally I gave the sculpture a finish. I mixed this time. I used matte protective varnish and glossy protective varnish in different places. To emphasize such different areas differently. I like it very much.