Abstract Mixed Media Art by Artist Weibach2
abstract, mixed, media, art, kunst, abstrakt
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Converter / Artist

Phase C – Can we break this iteration?

In 1950, ethologist John Calhoun conducted experiments on the effects of overpopulation on the behavior of social animals (mice). All the mice ended up dead, no matter how many times Calhoun repeated the experiment.

What has me thinking is the similarities of Phase C of the experiments with our current world situation:

  • Population densification
  • Depopulation
  • Senseless aggression
  • Collapse of gender roles
  • Social withdrawal

Could total societal collapse mean the end of us?
Or can pandemics and wars shield us from it?

“Save Us” Group Exhibition 04/2022

Selected work

Exciting is the story
behind the object.

Weibach2 - Contemporary mixed media artist
Oppositions, traces of wear and age, decay and imperfection are important components of my works. What is exciting is the story behind the object. What happened? What else might happen? The fragments I build are combinations of organisms and mechanisms. Not back to nature, but with the nature that comes next towards the future.


Weibach2 - references