Abstract Mixed Media Art by Artist Weibach2
abstract, mixed, media, art, kunst, abstrakt
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Weibach2 – Artist

… to imagination, mind and a different view.

For me, it’s not about the artistic activity per se. The focus is not on technique and certainly not on perfection.
It doesn’t even have to be really finished. But it has to give me access to another level in some way. In that sense, I create…


Into The Spaceless / In die Raumlosigkeit

Abstract art object / On view from August 12 to October 30 in the Alter Park Großburgwedel (Hanover).

The interspace is the free space between at least two entities, i.e. objects, persons, views or even events (temporal distance). Space that gives us the possibility of reflection, sharpens the focus, can be a breeding ground for anticipation, but also for fear.

We are constantly between things or ideas, therefore also in any space. We create mental and physical spaces for ourselves that give us support, a frame, a familiar retreat, or that are reference.

But the distances between the entities become smaller and smaller. The entities are always closer together. The spaces in between are getting narrower. The mind needs the spaces in between, to be able to develop. We don’t want freedom, we want other spaces. In the spaces in between lie happiness and contentment.

The abstract art object “Into The Spaceless / Raumlosigkeit” is a moment of the spirit in the In-between space (back part) and in spacelessness (front part). The spaces themselves are not to be seen, but their imprints. The mind moves between these boundaries. But in the spacelessness it gets lost. Disturbances appear, aggressive peaks twirl around. The whole withdraws, collapses into itself.

We need the spaces, boundaries and limitations in order to develop further and to grow from them. We should therefore appreciate them and give them enough space.


Interactive abstract media art object that can be experienced from July 15 to September 17 at the Seefelder Mühle.

Occasionally, “B-Wege” is a metaphor for life. An apparatus of knowledge.
We can never determine or predict our life path 100%. We can only prepare and create conditions that favor events that we desire.
But perhaps it is the paths we are not prepared for that ultimately bring us the most, the B-paths or even C-, D- or E-paths. In most cases, a different path goes hand in hand with a change of perspective. We gain new insights and discover unexpected possibilities, in our environment, but also in ourselves. We develop ourselves further.


With this interactive apparatus / object, we never know exactly what direction the virtual character on the screen will take next. We never know where life will take us. We’re always just in the neighborhood of….
The virtual character never comes to a stop. Life has no pause button.
We can act, but in doing so we are always just reacting and making the best of what is there at the moment.
We can look at what fits best for us and how it fits into the overall picture. Sometimes this works well, sometimes not at all. And yet, an interesting overall picture often emerges.

This clip collage about the interactive abstract media art object “B-Ways” is a mix of real life footage, digitally generated art (Processing), and AI video (Runway).

Selected work