Weibach2 – Impact of people and objects
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Wednesday March 16, 2022 – Upcoming exhibition, writing a statement

Today shopping was the main thing on the agenda. I first had to get some wood for the next gallery pedestal.

Then I communicated with the gallery Kunstwerk where I will be exhibiting. The exhibition theme “Save Us” was originally intended to relate primarily to the topic of environmental issues. But given the situation in Ukraine and the war raging there, the topic is now being kept more general. So that the topic of the Ukraine war can be included. I think it’s a very good decision, as refugees will probably also be present. And some Ukrainian artists want to exhibit as well.

I’ve got a started object here . I might like to contribute this to the topic of the Ukraine war. I just roughly put it all together. In principle, an organic, colorful object will develop from monochrome, dark fragments. Because in my opinion, everything negative always has something positive, viewed in the long term. Positive things that bring us as humans to a new level.

In the evening I worked on the statement for Subordinate Above , one of my new sculptures. Next time I’ve finished a sculpture, I’ll definitely write the statement first. And the statement will probably result in the name. Because now that I’m writing the text to Subordinate Above, I realize that the title is actually not 100% correct.
Otherwise, it is again a huge torture to write the statement, but yes I will continue to philosophize about the object and will see what comes out of it.

Sunday March 13, 2022 – Mysterious opening

Today I did a few little things in between. I continued to work on Lori, then I continued on a sculpture I had started and I also started a new wire sculpture.

But what was interesting today, I was busy with the wire sculpture with the embedded air vent. And although the sculpture is actually not finished yet, the object is very exciting for me. You can open and close the ventilation nozzle and you can determine the direction of the air flow. And if you now open this ventilation, you look through the sculpture, so to speak. It’s actually nothing spectacular, but I find it totally fascinating. I don’t know why, but when you look through it, what’s behind seems different. It now has a different frame of reference. The whole thing has something, well, maybe mysterious. I’ll definitely look into this further, so maybe it’ll be an extra project.

Saturday March 12, 2022 – Coding, painting, giving names

This morning I continued programming Last Wood. Some basic parameters of the object can be adapted to the respective environment via Bluetooth. And I still had to set up or adjust a few of these parameters. Everything worked out wonderfully.

Later I then treated Lori further. I redesigned the outer shell a bit. I made the whole thing a bit dirtier and a bit oilier to make the story behind the object clearer.

Then I edited the remaining pictures from my latest sculpture for about 2 hours. Brightness, contrast and colors slightly adjusted. And then saved in different formats and tagged (all for Google).

And, I actually found a name for this latest sculpture. The series is called “Meganismic Color Shells” and the current sculpture now has the beautiful name “Cho.maran”.

Friday March 11, 2022 – Meganismic Color Shells

Today I only did little things. Because first of all I had to work, of course, and then I visited a friend this afternoon and by then the day was almost over. Nevertheless I continued to tinker a bit on Lori. And then I had to finish a small sculpture. A cast stone sculpture. I had already cast the sculpture and now only had to paint it. It will be sent to the USA on Monday.

And then I dealt with my titles and texts again. And now I have at least found an overall name for the current work, so to speak for the series. The name is “Meganismic Color Shells”. Because the works are organic sculptures, but they always have a mechanical part, something that seems to have been made by human hands. It’s about the combination of mechanism and organism. And in this series I’m mainly concerned with the colors and the color combination.

Thursday March 10, 2022 – What do my works mean?

I’ve been struggling with the tiresome topic of texts and titles all day. I sit in front of the images of my current sculpture and think about how I can name the object. The problem for me is that I have such a big imagination that I can do it on every imaginable level. I see so many possibilities in my sculptures that I just don’t know which to choose. And since I also want to sell my work, I ask myself what is right and what is wrong. That means I censor myself or I categorize myself and that sucks. To be honest, this topic is starting to piss me off. And this afternoon was one of those days where I would like to throw everything in the corner.
I’m just missing the overall concept. I haven’t really found my common thread yet, my frame. And that just makes it really difficult to position the objects that I build.
Most of the objects I build just happen that way. Sometimes I start with a special idea, but after a short time something completely different usually develops from it. Things just happen that way and I don’t have a very conscious influence on it. I think that’s good too, but afterwards you sit there and ask yourself why did I build it this way? At the moment I have the impression that I don’t understand myself at all.

Wednesday March 9, 2022 – Photo shooting, writing a statement II

Today at work I thought about my artwork statements again. I’m very concerned about this topic because I’m not 100% sure in which direction I should go.
I don’t want to describe my objects in such detail. I want the viewer to have enough leeway for his interpretation. If I prescribe too much now or push the whole thing in a very specific direction, then perhaps a connection to the object could not develop at all. On the other hand, it is of course interesting to be able to tell a story about an object. I’ll just see how I proceed.

After lunch I took the new gallery pedestal and my current sculpture to my storage room. It is roughly 3 miles from here. And there I took photos of the sculpture. Thank goodness it’s going really fast now. Before, I had to do it all here in my little studio. It was quite a crowd. Now that I have the storage room, I have a corner where I have enough space to take pictures. I can just leave the lights and everything around there.
Then I went home to post-process the photos. For the post-processing of a sculpture, i.e. the pictures, I need two to three hours.
When I photograph my work, it is always very exciting. Because then I always discover interesting perspectives and little things that I hadn’t even noticed before.

Well, and in between I continued to work on Lori a bit. I applied a layer of Pattex again at a connection point. And then I painted the whole thing black again to get an idea of the rough appearance.

Tuesday March 8, 2022 – More electronics, writing a statement

I have finished wiring the Last Wood electronics. Then I installed the whole thing. In this case, the electronics are located in the pedestal under the actual sculpture. After installation I tested everything and then the big surprise, everything worked right away.

Then I got busy with another current work. A sculpture that is actually finished, but that doesn’t yet have a name and I haven’t written a statement about it yet. And the subject of a statement or text for a sculpture in particular causes me great problems. This is probably the case for many artists. Why did I do it like this? What am I trying to say? Etc.
I thought about it for a long time and did some research on Google. I wanted to see how other artists deal with it. And then I had an idea. In the future, I will no longer regard the texts for a work as a description of the work, but as an addition. Because if I see the whole thing as an addition, then my motivation is much higher to write about it. I can expand the sculpture, so to speak, give it another level. And I find that very interesting. Because now it’s not such torture anymore. Now I have the opportunity to give the whole thing more depth and I find that interesting and much more motivating.

Sunday March 6, 2022 – I can’t stop making art

Today, for the first time in months, I managed to take half a day off. The sun was shining and I rode my bike and occasionally went for a walk. My thoughts didn’t revolve around art. I think I didn’t think anything at times, at least I can’t remember.

In the late afternoon, however, I became weak. I had to tinker something. I’ve started a new wire sculpture. And that’s the first time I’ve incorporated a finished part. In this case a ventilation unit from a car. I fiddled around with it for quite a long time because I wasn’t so sure about the overall shape. In the end, however, I realized that I had to approach the basic form of the ventilation object in order to create a certain unity. Then I covered the whole thing with Powertex.
Tomorrow I’ll paint it again with Powertex and strengthen it further and then I’ll think about the colors. I’m not really sure about the end result. As I said, I’m experimenting a bit. I try to create a connection between the prefab and the organic. I find this combination of mechanisms and organisms very interesting.

Saturday March 5, 2022 – Another pedestal and a fish named Lori

Today I finished another gallery pedestal . The appearance of the pedestals is getting better and better. I still sand down the pedestals first, but then I also fill in any cracks. Then sand again and then paint twice. Finished.

Later I got involved with Lori. Lori is an oil removal fish or type of fish. Lori is relatively dark because he comes into contact with oil, but has a very organic overall appearance (with technical enhancements to the body).

Lori is also equipped with lighting because originally the main body was supposed to be a lamp. But, as is so often the case, I have made a change of course.
A high power LED is installed in the front part and I have embedded an LED strip in the rear part. The whole thing is controlled by an ESP32 micro-controller. And that’s exactly what I’ve been dealing with today. I have connected the micro-controller and the LEDs and the power supply. Then I installed the whole thing, tested it and glued and covered it with Pattex (my current favorite putty). Now the whole thing has to dry.

Originally I wanted to put Lori on a small pedestal, but I noticed that when he’s lying down, he looks completely different. Lying down, Lori comes across a bit like a seal, a helpless animal or a little baby. A baby who has to do heavy, dirty and hazardous work on our behalf, on behalf of the people.

Friday March 4, 2022 – War, wood working and gaming symbols on a sculpture

Work was boring as always. During the breakfast break, the work colleagues were upset that the gas prices were so high. We’re fucking up earth, innocent people are dying in the Ukraine and they’re upset about the gas prices.

In the afternoon I continued to work on Last Wood, which is the provisional working title. I tinkered with the electronics. I had to make a few changes and today I soldered the two micro-controllers, i.e. the ESP32 and the Arduino Nano, together onto a circuit board and already made the first connection. I’ll do the rest next week. But the project is going according to plan and I think I’ll have it all ready in time.

After my 4pm tea break, I’ve been working on one of the plinths for the upcoming exhibition. I sanded it down again. I’ll paint it tomorrow, then it can go to storage on Sunday and I’ll start on the next plinth on Tuesday. All work that has to be done, apart from art.

In the evening I continued to work on my current sculpture, which I still don’t have a name for. I put gaming symbols in one place. But it didn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to. But it’s okay. It’s not perfect, but things aren’t supposed to be perfect either. I think that’s still quite interesting because you can’t really see what it is or what the symbols are, but it kind of hints at it and that makes the side of the sculpture interesting. And finally I gave the sculpture a finish. I mixed this time. I used matte protective varnish and glossy protective varnish in different places. To emphasize such different areas differently. I like it very much.

Name Sign Sculpture / Namesschild Skulptur - Weibach2 - Oliver Neumann

Object 181019 – Name Sign Sculpture / Namensschild Skulptur

Height / Höhe: 160 cm
Width / Breite: 55 cm
Depth / Tiefe: 12 cm
Weight / Gewicht: roughly 50 kg

Material: Glass fiber concrete, Jackoboard, adhesive mortar, pigments, water glass (sodium silicate), dual color plexiglas, LED technology
Glasfaserbeton, Jackoboard, Klebemörtel, Pigmente, Wasserglas, Dual Color Plexiglas, LED Technologie

  Commission / Auftragsarbeit  

Concrete Sculpture 2 / Beton-Plastik 2 - Weibach2

Concrete Sculpture 2 – Beton-Plastik 2

Height: 168 cm / 41 cm
Width: 45 cm / 42 cm
Depth: 28 cm / 26 cm
Weight: roughly 60 kg
Material: Glass fiber concrete, Styrofoam, rebar, adhesive mortar, pigments, acid stain, water glass (sodium silicate)

If you are interested in these two sculptures, please contact me via e-mail.

For the construction of this sculpture, a support body made of Styrofoam was made first. The Styrofoam body was then reinforced with a light rebar structure. Support body and rebar structure were then covered with a layer of glass fiber concrete about 1 cm thick. Subsequently, the glass fiber concrete was sanded. To achieve the final surface structure of the sculpture, a special adhesive mortar was applied and sculpted with spatula, brush and cling film. Subsequently different layers of colored water glass (sodium silicate) were applied. In between, the concrete sculpture was sanded again. Finally, the sculpture was treated with acid stain here and there.

According to the manufacturers of the materials used, the concrete sculpture is weather-resistant and frost-resistant. Also in terms of color, no major changes are expected.

These objects are unique.
Dimensions and weight are approximate.

Paper Pulp Lamp 1 - Weibach2 - Oliver Neumann

Paper Pulp Lamp 1 / Papier Pulpe Lampe 1

Height / Höhe: 65 cm
Width / Breite: 36 cm
Depth / Tiefe: 15 cm
Weight / Gewicht: 1,7 kg
Material: paper, wood / Papier, Holz

  SOLD – Braunschweig (Germany) 

This combination of abstract sculpture and table lamp is made of paper pulp (newsprint, wallpaper paste, wood glue). First, a support body made of polystyrene was formed. Then the electrical system was installed in this supporting body.Subsequently, the support body was coated with paper pulp and smoothed and shaped with an angle grinder. The paper pulp was then stained and painted with texture paste as well as acrylic paint. The lamp consists of two parts which were glued together. A small stone adorns the inside.

Bulb: 1W LED filament.
Mount type: E14.
Operating voltage: 220V.
Cable length from lamp to switch: 56 cm.
Cable length from switch to plug: 155 cm.
The plug is screwed and can be replaced.

This object is unique.
Dimensions and weight are approximate.

Diese Kombination aus abstrakter Plastik und Tischlampe besteht aus Papierpulpe (Zeitungspapier, Kleister, Holzleim). Zunächst wurde ein Stützkörper aus Styropor geformt und die Elektrik installiert. Anschließend wurde der Stützkörper mit Papierpulpe überzogen und mit einem Winkelschleifer (Flex) bearbeitet. Die Papierpulpe wurde dann gebeizt und mit Strukturpaste sowie Acrylfarbe versehen. Die Lampe besteht aus zwei Teilen die später miteinander verklebt wurden. Ein kleiner Stein ziert die Innenseite.

Leuchtmittel: 1W LED Filament Lampe.
Fassungsart E14.
Betriebsspannung 220V.
Kabellänge von der Lampe zum Schalter: 56 cm.
Kabellänge vom Schalter zum Stecker: 155 cm.
Der Stecker ist verschraubt und kann ausgewechselt werden.

Es handelt sich bei diesem Objekt um ein Unikat.
Angaben zu Abmessungen und Gewicht sind ungefähre Angaben.

Paper Pulp Design Object 3 / Pappmache Design Objekt 3 / Weibach2 / Oliver Neumann

Paper Pulp Design Object 3 / Pappmache Design Objekt 3

Weight/Gewicht: 1,18 kg
Height/Höhe: 32 cm
Width/Breite: 20 cm
Depth/Tiefe: 9,5 cm
Material: Paper pulp, copper / Papier, Kupfer

  SOLD – Waltham (Massachusetts, USA) 

This sculpture is made of of paper pulp (paper, wallpaper paste, glue) on a supporting body (Jackoboard). The surface was first roughly sanded and then covered with straw silk (Japanese paper). The base was then roughly sanded again. The object was stained several times and provided with a matte UV protection. A copper wire serves as a transition between base and sculpture.

Diese kleine Skulptur besteht aus Papier-Pulpe (Papier, Tapetenkleister, Holzleim) auf einem Stützkörper aus Jackoboard.  Die Oberfläche wurde zunächst grob abgeschliffen und dann mit Strohseide (Japanpapier) beklebt. Der Sockel wurde anschließend nochmals grob abgeschliffen. Das Objekt wurde mehrfach gebeizt und mit einem matten UV-Schutz versehen. Der Übergang zwischen Sockel und Skulptur wurde mit einem Ring aus Kupferdraht versehen.

The Rise - Weibach2 - Concrete sculpture

The Rise – Concrete Sculpture / Beton Plastik

120 cm, ca. 60 kg.
Glasfaserbeton, Feinschichtmörtel, Pigmente.
Fehler: Zu tief im Sockel, Trägerkörper zu groß (Proportionen stimmen nicht).
Im Frühjahr kommt sie ins Freie.

120 cm, about 60 kg.
Glass fiber concrete, fine-layer mortar, pigments.
Mistakes: too low in the pedestal, carrier too big (wrong proportions).
In spring it goes outside.

Paper Pulp Design Object 1 / Pappmache Design Objekt 1 / Weibach2 / Oliver Neumann

Paper Pulp Design Object 1 / Pappmache Design Objekt 1

Weight/Gewicht: 0,77 kg
Height/Höhe: 29 cm
Width/Breite: 21 cm
Depth/Tiefe: 14 cm
Material: Paper pulp, spruce / Papier Pulpe , Fichtenholz

  SOLD – Long Island City (New York, USA) 

This object was made of paper pulp (paper, wallpaper paste, wood glue) which has been applied to a support body. The surface was sanded, stained and partially painted with acrylic paint. The base is made of spruce wood. The wood was stained and oiled with Danish Oil.

Dieses Objekt besteht aus Papier-Pulpe (Papier, Tapetenkleister, Holzleim) das auf eine Stützform (Jackoboard) aufgetragen wurde. Die Oberfläche wurde angeschliffen, gebeizt und mit Acrylfarbe stellenweise bemalt. Der Sockel besteht aus Fichtenholz. Das Holz wurde gebeizt und mit Danish Oil geölt.