Weibach2 – User / Artist
interactive, art, climate, capitalism, consumption, environment, pollution, artwork, Oliver Neumann, Kunst, mixed media, contemporary, abstract, sculpture, objects
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Weibach2 - Oliver Neumann

Hello, I am Weibach2, self-taught and I see myself as an interdisciplinary artist or as a mediator of far-flung contexts.


The joy of purely decorative objects has led me over the last few years closer and closer to art. I am now mainly interested in people and their actions, the far-reaching effects, as well as the psychology and philosophy behind them. I deal with situations, atmospheres and interruptions and try to reflect them in my work or make them tangible.


Object and human being are always connected. They never appear alone, they are widely and versatilely interconnected. Their behavior or even just their presence thus constantly change the world, directly, immediately or somewhere and sometime. To bring the temporally and spatially distant effects into the now, to make a direct juxtaposition, that is my goal.


Some works of mine, however, are just contentless, nice to look at or total nonsense, because: One part serious matter can only be neutralized by at least three parts funny-nice matter.