Weibach2 – Unique Art & Design Objects
art, design, artwork, maker, Oliver Neumann, Kunst, Macher, concrete, wood, mixed media, lights, lamps, tables, unique, handmade
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Weibach2 - Oliver Neumann

Playing with Lego, producing music, making movies, developing computer games and now craftsmanship / object design. The urge to be creative and to create something is my motivation.

My name is Oliver Neumann, I’m self-taught artist/designer and I tend to the abstract. Not concretely, sometimes with contrast, scope for imagination.

Currently it is all about shapes, colors, materials. Combinations and transitions. The search for a form of expression. Experiments with structures and surfaces. Processes. The subtext is about construction, reconstruction, new construction, decay, separation, connection. The individual, its context, systems. Looking for a set of rules that restricts my options to something charming.



Technical education in Germany, study in Sydney (BA Honours), film projects in Singapore and London, former Creative Director of Roomnight Media GmbH Hamburg.