Weibach2 – Unique Art & Design Objects
art, design, artwork, maker, Oliver Neumann, Kunst, Macher, concrete, wood, mixed media, lights, lamps, tables, unique, handmade
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Weibach2 - Oliver Neumann

Weibach2 (Oliver Neumann) was born in Wilhelmshaven (Germany) and has lived and worked in Sydney, Singapore, London and Hamburg. Creative work was always the focus of his life. Whether as a hobby craftsman, musician, filmmaker, sound designer, creative director, game developer or now as an artist. Weibach2 has a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree but is otherwise self-taught.


Abstract mixed media sculptures have been his focus since 2018. In some cases, he equips his objects with sensor and microcontroller technology so that they can react to their environment. Because this is Weibach2’s motivation: objects that you can not only look at, but also hear, feel and maybe even smell. Objects to interact with. To implement these ideas, he also explores lighting technology, kinetics, sensor technology, indoor solar energy and artificial intelligence.



Technical education in Germany, study in Sydney (BA Honours), film projects in Singapore and London, former Creative Director of Roomnight Media GmbH Hamburg.