Group exhibitions as well as solo exhibitions from and with artist Weibach2.
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Exhibitions 2022

Exhibition - Das kleine Format 2022 - Kunstraum Varel / Weibach2

Das kleine Format 2022


Group exhibition
November/December, Varel, Germany


Exhibition / Ausstellung - Dauerschleife / Trauerschleife - Weibach2

Dauerschleife – Trauerschleife

Und wenn Sie nicht gestorben sind…

September/October – Galerie Kunstwerk, Varel (Germany)

Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf


Group exhibition
September  – DA! Art Award

Parkomanie 2022 - Kontraste - group exhibition - Weibach2

Parkomanie 2022 – Kontraste


Group exhibition
September / October – Alter Park Großburgwedel (Germany)

Phase C - Interactive Object by Weibach2

Save Us


Group exhibition
April/May – Galerie Kunstwerk, Varel (Germany)