WE Contemporary Catalog & Art Show 2021
Weibach2 – User / Artist
interactive, art, climate, capitalism, consumption, environment, pollution, artwork, Oliver Neumann, Kunst, mixed media, contemporary, abstract, sculpture, objects
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WE Contemporary Catalog & Art Show 2021

WE CONTEMPORARY, is a annual prestigious international art volume containing the works of worldwide contemporary artists. In circulation for over 6 years, the catalog favors the maximum visibility to the artist in the panorama of contemporary art, thanks to the collaboration with organizations, foundations and art associations from different countries.

The Musa team approached me and asked if I would like to present myself with selected objects in the We Contemporary catalog 2021. And why not? My first steps towards the public. Banta 1.0 and Kuiko were the chosen ones.

Banta 1.0 in WE Contemporary catalog